Clear Aligners: Myths and Reality

di Tai Sandra

In this presentation, Dr Sandra Tai will address common myths about clear aligner treatment. Myth #1: Younger patients will not wear aligners Reality: Aligners work exceedingly well as an early interceptive orthodontic appliance Myth #2: Aligners can only move teeth and is unable to influence growth patterns Reality: Invisalign® with Mandibular Advancement is a suitable appliance for Class II, growing, retrognathic patients Myth #3: Aligners are unable to treat surgical cases due to difficulties in pre-surgical decompensation and fixation issues Reality: Aligners are uniquely suited for orthognathic surgery cases due to the power of digital treatment planning Myth #4: Aligners are not capable of finishing to ABO standards Reality: Aligners can finish cases to the same level of excellence as fixed appliances Concepts of early interceptive treatment, growth modification, pre-surgical treatment planning and finishing will be discussed. Dr Tai will illustrate these with clinical cases and outline protocols for treatment.

Obiettivi di apprendimento

Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di Learn how clear aligners may be used in early interceptive treatment for dental arch development
Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di Identify indications for growth modification in Class II skeletal malocclusion and understand how Invisalign with Mandibular Advancement works to correct Class II malocclusion
Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di Have a checklist for pre-surgical orthodontic preparation of the orthognathic surgery patient with post surgical finishing protocols